By Maggie Andresen

The world’s most traded agricultural commodity, coffee is brewed for millions daily and often sold at a higher price per cup than per pound. Depending on the seller and additives in the drink, a cup of coffee can be a boon or burden to your wallet. New City, New York offers a plethora of options for java lovers, there are however secret costs every customer should be wary of and ways to keep cost down, by keeping it simple.

Dunkin’ Donuts: With a largely diverse customer base, D&Ds has developed as the trademark of the working man’s coffee when compared to more expensive sellers. With major advertising for the breakfast crowd, Dunkin’ Donuts is a great place to pick up an inexpensive snack with some java on the side and leave with some loose change in your pocket. This seller remains in the mid-section of price range when compared to Starbucks and 7-11, but certainly gives a bang for your buck even when selling in its largest available size.

Starbucks: A safe haven for hipsters, Starbucks venues across the country have developed a near cult following with its loyal customer base. Infamous for calorie boosting drinks that correlate with higher prices, the best way to save on java at this coffee house is to order it straight black, the venti size of hot coffee is $1.95 at 15 calories compared to the venti sized caramel frappucino which sells fr $4.25 at 530 calories. Add some sugar or milk at the counter if you prefer your java sweet, but nobody should be paying over $4 for a cup of coffee unless the blend is the best quality known to man.

7-11: Not many would consider the local 7-11 as a decent coffee seller, but the chain supplies java that is surprisingly tasty, and at a price lower than its competitors Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. With options ranging from decaf, pure Colombian, full- bodied Brazilian, Cappuccinos of several flavors, flavored blends and more, the options are reasonable and flavors palatable. Also available are low priced snacks of all kinds. Not many would consider this bargain hunter’s paradise a venue for flavorful coffee, it remains the best bang for java in New City.

Here’s a comparison of similarly made blends of the three sellers, notice the price change between pure hot coffee and added mocha blend, particularly with Starbucks. 7-11 remains the best buy in both categories.

Hot Coffee:
7-Eleven Brazilian Bold, 20 ounces, $1.59
Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend, large, $1.89
Starbucks Pike Place, venti, $1.95

Iced Mocha:
7-Eleven Iced Mocha, large, $1.49
Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Mocha Original Blend, large, $2.29
Starbucks Iced Mocha, venti, $3.95

One does not need to compromise quality taste for the best price possible, by simply ordering your coffee black at an upscale coffee house and adding your own extras, the savings will begin to pile up. Try putting your change in a jar, and splurge when the savings equate your favorite specialty coffee order. If you’re on the go and want the quality taste already in your java, don’t be afraid of the local 7-11 or D&Ds; the savings are excellent and that’s where you’ll find the best bang for coffee.


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