By: Brad Zabar

Khalil Edney of New Rochelle hit a buzzer beater that would change his life forever. Not only did he lead his team to a narrow victory, but he beat Mount Vernon, the number one ranked team in the state. He launched the ball fifty-five feet to lead his team to the New York Section 1 AA title.  Not only was it a devastating loss, but Mount Vernon had won 7 section titles in a row and 13 of them date back to 1999.

Edney’s response was “I can’t believe it happened. I’m in shock right now,” (Espn.com). This unbelievable, game-winning shot was a once in a lifetime ordeal, with a tenth of a second left, leading to a 61-60 victory. Consequently, Edney began receiving all types of media attention from fans including making appearances on Good Morning America and Sports Center.  His shot made the top 10 plays on Sports Center and it was talked about all over ESPN, and Youtube videos of the play reached over 2 million views.  It was seen all over the world and some people are calling it the best buzzer beater in the history of sports.  Ray Rice, a running back on the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens and former New Rochelle football star said “Khalil, I need [your] jersey!” Rice told Edney on “SportsCenter.” “I need an autograph … I want a jersey signed for my basement!” (Espn.com).  If an NFL star wants a high school player’s jersey, it is a serious honor.  Duke’s point guard Seth Curry responded to the shot as well, which made Khalil very proud, considering he is a huge Duke fan.

The play that gained all this attention occured when Edney inbounded the ball, but then was picked off by a Mount Vernon player.  Next, the Mount Vernon player threw the ball in the air as a way to start the celebration, but Edney did not give up on the play, and acting like a competitive player should, he kept going.  He grabbed the ball in mid-air and released it with .1 seconds to go.  The referees originally called the shot invalid, but after a discussion, the play was changed and the basket counted in favor of New Rochelle. “I just threw it up. I thought it was gonna bounce off the front rim, but it was all net. I couldn’t believe it,” Edney stated. (Espn.com).

This one great shot made Edney famous; overnight, his name and shot were broadcasted all over social media. He has gained 2,000 Twitter followers, with fans from aroud the world begging him to follow them back. Overjoyed, Edney claimed this was the greatest moment of his life, even surpassing when he led his football team to a state championship earlier this year.


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