By Sam Olang

Most students must complete 3 & 1/2 to 4 years in high school to get a diploma. This includes Freshmen year up to Senior year. Although this is a relatively short time, most Seniors catch something called “Senioritis”. The effects of Senioritis include all possible ways of slacking off in the last year of high school such as not showing up to school, coming in late or even not doing any work at all.

Educators have joined together to decide if three years or even three and a half years to a full four years are required to meet a student’s educational priorities. Many people have looked into the idea of getting rid of Senior year to allow students to begin a full-time college earlier which would allow a student to take selected college courses on the college or high school campus, working to pay for college or doing volunteer work.”Second semester, senior year of high school: Senioritis hits like the flu.” quotes Carl Azuz, from CNN news. Although, many people believe senioritis symptoms can strike students in any grade during their years in high school, senior year is the most common because students recieve acceptance letters from colleges. Now that students know they’re automatically covered by being accepted to college, they no longer need to hand in second semester grades in school.

I believe this idea would be good for students during their senior year. Instead of slacking off and not doing work, and not showing up to school or class, students can do something uselfull. This could prevent slacking and make it something positive. Students are always spending money in college by going out on weekends and even during the week. If they work before reaching their freshmen year of college, they can save up money to spend during the next year. This can allow allow them to start paying off some college costs. Allowing students to take college courses during their senior year will help them keep their schedules more open for the following years at their college. This will allow them to study and have more free time instead of packing their schedules with just school work. Many people would agree with the ideas that were stated above. Senior year is a joke for some students allowing them to slack off and not do anything. After a year of slacking, being on your own in college may have some people failing because of thier laziness. Instead of being lazy, a different senior year could benefit the students making them reach higher goals helping them set up their future.


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