By Shailen

To some, Jimi Hendrix is just a passed artist who ran his course and now is nothing, but a corpse six feet below the surface. However, to other Jimi Hendrix is still a legend to the rock world who manages to still find away to live long and strong even 40 years after his death. After his death in 1970, Jimi Hendrix left behind hundreds of unreleased recorded tracks. His long rein of unreleased tracks finally came to an end this week. As of March 5th, Jimi Hendrix’s final album, “People Hell and Angels”, was released. A whole tape of all unreleased songs completely brand new to the public. After his album being out for only one day it has already climb to number two on the the Itunes top ten album chart.

Jimi’s album, “People Hell and Angels”, was supposed to be his fourth studio album, but he ended up passing away before it got release. The album consists of 12 unreleased track dated back to 1968 and 1969. Most of his songs fall into the genre of blues rock songs that include various artist. Some famous featured artists included on this album are Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, whom all formed the Band of Gypsies during the time frame Jimi Hendrix was still alive. Four songs on the album featuring this trio are “Earth Blues”, “Hear My Train A Comin”, “Bleeding Heart”, and “Villanova Junction Blues”. Hendrix’s two songs “Izabella” and “Easy Blues” included his band from the 1969 Woodstock festival in August. Stephen Stills managed to find himself away onto the album as well.

What is unique about this album is that nearly all of his songs on the album have been released in different versions throughout the passed four decades since his death. However, the songs on this album are his complete original songs. The quality and flow of his music sounds no different then the ones released 43 years ago back in 1969. His songs on this album ties back to his r&b and blues roots. He still manages to keep the rock and roll vibe in his music as well. His album has a dynamic collaboration of all of his genres he has performed throughout his musical life. In a New York Times article, one speaks about Jimi Hendrix by saying, “It’s really a tragedy when you realize, God, we lost this guy on the cusp of something amazing.” This album is a piece of history left behind by what some refer to Jimi Hendrix as the “Guitar God”.


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