Carly Rae Jepsen drops Boy Scouts performance over gay rights

By Taylor Bell

On Tuesday, pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen tweeted that she is dropping out of the Boy Scouts of America’s upcoming event due to the organization’s ban on openly gay members. Jepsen states that she is and always will be a standing supporter of the LGBT community. The group Train was also supposed to preform but backed out for the same reasons. When booking this event they were unaware of this policy. Train strongly opposes any kind of policy that questions an American Citizen. Train states that they have always BSA as a great organization and they will preform next summer, if the organization decides to make the right decision before.

I think it’s important for celebrities to stick to their own beliefs. Jepsen could have easily just put her beliefs to the side and done the event. Most people would still do it for the money. If Jepsen still did the event people probably would have questioned if she agrees with the policy of banning openly gay members.

I would have dropped the event too. It is important to help the gay community fight for their rights. There should be no reason for them to be banned. Being gay is not a choice, and why should their sexual preference matter?

The director of the Boy Scouts of America stated that everyone has a right to voice their opinions, and they appreciate that, but they will remain focused on delivering a great Jamboree program for our Scouts.

If an organization is representing something for “America”, they should not exclude anyone for any reason. Gay people are part of the American society and always will be.

The Boy Scouts of America organization is worried that they will have no one famous performing at their event with an attendance of 40,000 people. If they were so worried, they would change their ban immediately. The organization can not find any anti-gay and friendly singers to perform at their event.

The Boy Scouts announced in January that they would consider overturning it’s decades-old anti-gay policy, but they are putting off any decision until May. If they want to gain supporters and be able to entertain a crowd, they would make their decision quickly. Personally I would not support the Boy Scouts of America or attend their events, or any of the celebrities events if they were to preform there. Discriminating against gays for an organization that represents people of America is disgusting. America is supposed to be equal.


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