By: Darra Loganzo

On February 12th, the United Nations Security Council passed harsh regulations regarding Noth Korea’s attempts at Nuclear tests. As a result, early last week, the army of North Korea declared the peace agreement which had ended the three year war in 1953 between themselves and Souh Korea as invalid. North Korea’ Workers’ Party Newspaper stated, “The U.S. has reduced the armistice agreement to a dead paper,” referencing the new joint exercises between the United States and South Korea.

Throughout the past sixty years, diplomacy between North and South Korea has shifted between periods of aggression and peace. This is also not the first time North Korea has claimed the armsitce as invalid. Without an armstice, the two sides can resume hostilities, and the risk of a military clash could draw in the United States, which has about 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea due to their security alliance between the US and South Korea.

On Tuesday, South Korea claimed that North Korea is not allowed to nullify the armstice, and have started to sense a war threat by North Korea’s growing war fever. After the South Korean Defense Ministry witnessed camouflaged North Koreans evacuate into tunnels and emergency buses. Mr. Kim, North Korea’s leader, warned that “war can break out right now.” South Korea also fears that North Korea will repeat what occured last time the armstice was nullifed, in 1996, when hundreds of armed troops relocated to the border.

At a New York Asian Society conference, American security adviser Tom Donilon announced about our response: “There should be no doubt: We will draw upon the full range of our capabilities to protect against, and to respond to, the threat posed to us and to our allies by North Korea.” America is going to stand by and protect its allies, once again proving to live up to its role as “Policeman of the World.”

North Korea has undergone many efforts to bring in American support, and demands a formal peace treaty to end the Korean War, as well as security guarantees from the Americans. It also seeks direct talks with Washington for the perceived prestige it would bring the regime. With the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear war threat continuing, American analysts argue that there should be a compromise geared towards negotiating North Korea to give up some of its nuclear weapons. However, it is worried that discussing a peace treaty can turn into demands to remove America’s thousands of troops and military arms stationed in South Korea.

If North Korea not only uses, but even transfers nuclear arms to other countries at this point in time, it “would be considered a grave threat to the United States and our allies and we will hold North Korea fully accountable for the consequences.” (Donilon) At this point, negotiating, communicating, and waiting and are all American leaders can accomplish in their hopes to maintain peace and completely eradicate the idea of a nuclear war.


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