by Taylor Bell

The star resident of Rockland County, Stephen Baldwin was charged with a single felony of failing to pay his income tax. Baldwin will plead guilty later this month after an agreement his lawyer made that will keep him out of jail. Baldwin will have to pay back all the $350,000 from 2008-2010.

Baldwin’s lawyer states that since Baldwin is a born again Christian there is many roles the court is asking him to do that he cannot because the acts are not in keeping with his faith.  In Baldwin’s past he has glorified sex and violence, which according to his lawyer he will not be doing anymore.

On March 29, Baldwin will appear in Rockland County court to plead guilty and take responsibility for his wrongful actions. The county said that they are satisfied the deal Baldwin and his lawyer proposed. In the deal, Baldwin’s lawyer stated that if he were to go to jail he would not be able to pay back what he owes. But, due to his faith it will impact his ability to pay back the money. If the money is paid back within a year, he will not have a felony record and the case will be discharged. The other option Baldwin has is a five year payment plan which includes probation and a felony record.

Baldwin’s lawyer states that since we are in a tough economy it will be hard for Baldwin to pay it all back within a year, also due to the fact there are not many roles appropriate for Baldwin to do. In 2006, Baldwin and others fought to keep a pornographic video and book store from opening on Route 59 in Nyack, New York. Baldwin’s lawyer states that the outcry helped lead to the withdrawal of the proposal.

This charge is not Baldwin’s first encounter with financial problems. In 2009, Baldwin and his wife filed for bankruptcy protection. Soon after, Baldwin launched a charitable organization website that was to “see Stephen Baldwin publicly restored in front of millions.” The organization vowed to restore Baldwin “as God did for Job” because he has been publicly ridiculed and insulted by people who think he has been abandoned by god. Baldwin’s lawyer claims this all happened due to Baldwin listening to bad advice and relying on others.


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