By Roman Grudinin

As white smoke appeared, Pope Francis, the first non European Pope showed up on the balcony of the Vatican this Wednesday. Jorge Bergogolio, the new pope was the archbishop of Buenos Aires. He took the name Francis in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. After being voted in to being pope, he appeared in front of a large crowd of people who waited to see him. Many did not know what to expect.

Francis was known for the work that he did for the poor. He was renowned for his work among all the Catholics. Although many did not know what to expect, some were shocked to see the pope ask the crowd to pray for him before he blessed them. Many people did not understand why he broke this tradition and some were upset by it. A Vatican spokes person explained that the 76 year old pontiff is showing that he will be different in many ways.

Francis took on a church that was battered for their priest sex scandals which occurred over the past several years. That is not the only negative. The Catholic Church was also accused of being corrupt and that the Vatican bank operated in a crooked way. Many believe that he is going to change the view of people on Catholics because he is more conservative.

The new pope may have impressed some but has some worried. The fact that his ways are very conservative has some excited. Some people believe that he will improve the image of the Catholic Church with his ways. He is called a “Straight shooter” because he calls what he sees. Being honest makes people trust him more.

Not only are his ways different but he is also not European. He is the first pope from Latin America. When he was a cardinal, he had a clash with the Argentinean government when he opposed gay marriage and said that the free distribution of contraceptives was wrong.

The new pope is simple. He chose an apartment over a palace, a bus over a chauffeured car, and a self made meal over a meal made just for him by a chef. After choosing a name like Pope Francis, the worlds catholic population saw that this is not going to be their average pope and that things will change regarding the negative reputation which the church has in the world. People will just have to wait for some time and hope for the best outcome.


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