By Michael Auten

North Korea as of late has been following its path to another war. The current leader of North Korea is Kim Jong-Un, son of the late Kim Jong-ll. Like father like son Kim Jong-Un has continuously threatened South Korea with war and the United States with a nuclear strike. The fact that even China, North Korea’s only longstanding ally, is resenting their current actions yet North Korea still continues to provoke the world is absurd. China only backs North Korea because if they didn’t North Korea would fall due to its lack of resources then China would have to deal with the massive influx of refugees.

North Korea’s leadership might not be aware, but the United States claims its fully prepared for a nuclear strike with its anti-missile system ready and various plans for counter strikes. Also should they make any move with their weapons whether it be moving them to another state or firing them Tom Donlion, Obama’s national security adviser, said, “North Korean officials have made some highly provocative statements. North Korea’s claims may be hyperbolic, but as to the policy of the United States, there should be no doubt: we will draw upon the full range of our capabilities to protect against, and to respond to, the threat posed to us and to our allies by North Korea.”

If I were leading North Korea I would be a bit less aggressive after hearing that. Their missiles aren’t nearly as powerful as even Fat Man and Little Boy, the bombs dropped on Japan in WWII. Why they would be trying to start a fight with much more technologically advanced and larger foe is a mystery. What they are doing isn’t worth what will happen if they put their words into action. The UN passed more sanctions on North Korea after the latest nuclear test. North Korea already can’t feed its population and now with more sanctions what little they do have is now even less.

Even after all the action taken against them, North Korea states that the armistice from the 1953 Korean War is now void as of March 11th, after the annual US South Korea joint training session. North Korean leadership stated that they are, “preparing for war” causing the South Korean military to take necessary precaution. Should North Korea attack it would be a grave mistake. Both Sides would take heavy losses with North Korea’s lack of resources and Seoul, South Korea’s capital and one of the most densely populated cities in the world, is in range of North Korea’s artillery stationed at the border, causing heavy civilian casualties.

A peaceful resolution will be difficult, because for there to be peach North Korea needs to release its hatred for the South and the United States. That won’t happen until the Kim regime has ended.


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