By:  Alex Goldberg

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has been trying to pass a law limiting the consumption of large sugary drinks.  On Monday, March 11th, the day before the law was supposed to be put into effect; the law was overturned by Justice Milton A. Tingling of the Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The judge overturned the case because it was “arbitrary and capricious.”  The reason behind this is because business owners and workers found it impossible.  It was “unworkable and unenforceable, with confusing loopholes and voluminous exemptions.”  This is true, it is unenforceable.  Very few businesses, if any, would be penalized if this law were to go into effect.  There is just too much to handle.

Mayor Bloomberg wanted to end his career, being that this is his last few months in City Hall, with a law like this.  He and his administration were thrown off guard by this rejection.  Before the decision was made by Justice Tingling, Mayor Bloomberg asked for cities around the world to adopt the soda limit law.  Now, he is such a big advocate of this law passing, but it probably will not be adopted by other cities.

Bloomberg’s argument was that it plays a huge role in obesity.  This may be so, but many people do not care.  The soda companies campaigned against this.  They set up many advertisements on bill-boards, television, banners hanging off of the tail of airplanes, etc.

Mayor Bloomberg said he would immediately appeal if he lost.  He fiercely fought for this law.  He said “We believe that the judge’s decision was clearly in error, and we believe we will win on appeal.”  It would have limited the size of sugary drinks to 16 ounces at restaurants, theaters and food carts.  He said “I’ve got to defend my children, and yours, and do what’s right to save lives.  Obesity kills. There’s no question it kills.”  He is correct, childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country, even to adults it is a problem.  Obesity is a massive cause of death in the United States of America.  This country has the highest death rate from obesity, as compared to other countries.

Mayor Bloomberg is right to worry about childhood obesity.  It’s a matter of personal health; although millions are affected by it, many do not care.  Limiting soda sizes is not the only thing that needs to be regulated if he wants to fix the problems of obesity.  He needs to find a way to rearrange and re-establish health code laws.


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