By Brian Vo

Google Senior Vice President Urs Holzle announced his decision to shut down Google Reader. Those who use Google Reader will have to find another feed to use once Google Reader will be gone on July 1st. The main cause for this decision was the need for Google to adopt to a time when mobile technology is constantly changing dramatically. Urs Holzle believed that Google will be able to focus more.

This decision for people who work for Google to shut down Google Reader will have devastating effects on those who followed Google Reader. Since there are effects for making this decision, I believed that Google Reader should remain intact. Even though Google Reader’s popularity has been declining recently, most people who used Google Reader have been loyal to it. One of the most significant thing about Google Reader is that it is free to use.

I’m not the only one who want Google Reader; after one day, there have been 46,000 people who signed a petition called “Google: Keep Google Reader Running.” Google Reader made people’s lives more effective and better. According to the one who created the petition, Dan Lewis, he said “This isn’t just about our data in the Reader. This is about us using your product because we love it, because it made our lives better, and because we trust you to not nuke it.” I preferred the Google Reader because the alternatives that will replace Google Reader will be ineffective and useless compared to the Google Reader.

More people may start to use Google Reader soon because people are responding to it on twitter. It is becoming one of the most trending topic on Twitter. This mean that million of people will recognize Google Reader as a beneficial tool. It will also effect the way web journalists do their job. Google Reader is beneficial for journalists to scan their information quickly. It make people feel safe knowing that they aren’t missing anything, including the little blogs.  How does Google Reader allow people to scan quickly? It only display the title and a quick text of that link. This mean people are not wasting their time on reading the entire thing.

Overall, I want Google Reader to keep running. it’s not that Google Reader is horrible, the only reason for its shutdown was its lack of popularity. If the popularity increase, Google Senior Vice President Urs Holzle may change his mind.


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