By: Samantha Olang

On Tuesday March 12th a male and female were arrested for drugs on College Avenue in Suffern,NY. Mario Villasenor, 24, from New City and Cynthia Guallpa, 21, from Nanuet were busted with the possesions of cocaine, marijuana, drug packaging material and a scale.

Mario and Cynthia were charged with fifth degree criminal possession of cocaine and marijuana. Following up with a felony, seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, two counts of possesing drug paraphernalia, misdemeanors and an illegal possession of marijuana. Both the male and female had been arrested at 1:40 A.M. after a traffic stop. Guallpa and Villasenor were held for arraignment.

Following up with the incident that was held on March 12th, two men driving motorcyles were charged with drunk driving in Rockland and Westchester counties.  The first man, Franklin Santos, 38, of Highland Falls, N.Y., was charged with felony for driving while intoxicated around 4:25 Tuesday morning. This incident happened at the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Ramapo. Santos’s charge was raised to a felony due to an previous conviction for drunk driving in the past 10 years. Santos had also been held for arraignment.

Another man, Rakim Boyd, 43, of Peekskill was charged for DWI at around 11:30 Tuesday night. After beind in an accident on Saturday in Washington Street in Peekskil. Boyd was found to be intoxicated with a  small amount of crack cocaine, police announced. Suffering a minor injury in the crash and was treated right after the incident. Boyd was charged with driving while intoxicated following up with another charge of seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanors.

There is an increasing crime rate in Rockland County. Between the years 1999 and 2008 there were a total of 41,749 total crimes reported in Rockland County, New York. This included 4,499 of them violent. There is known to be 4,175 crimes that take place per year in Rockland County. These crimes occure nearly 50% less than one mile from the people convited homes. On an average, someone is a victim of a crime in Rockland County, New York every 2 hours, quoted by Records Pedia. These crimes include 27 murders, 183 rapes, and at 32,000 thefts. These thefts includ 1,855 car thefts.

Even though Clarkstown and Rockland county are one of the safest communities in the United States, criminal rates are increasing. Seems like as the years go on the crimes increase and shall increase in the years to come. Time will only tell if the crime rate will become more extreme or die down!


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