By Brian Vo

At New York City Hall, John C. Liu announced in a speech that he is officially running for mayor. The City Hall event was so popular that supporters got in the way of Liu and his family couldn’t even gettin on the sidewalks. Liu brings a dynamic twist to the race because he has multiple supporters under his belt already.

One major concern for Liu entering this race is his conflict with the federal institutions. This conflict made things worse for Liu on his first day of entering the race. The conflict is about the federal campaign finance cases against Liu’s campaign treasurer and one of his top donors. This conflict will affect Liu’s attempt to raise campaign funds. According to Liu, “When you go after powerful people and rich corporations, they’re going to come after you. They certainly have made my life challenging. But let me be clear. We are not backing down.”  Liu stated how the cases against some of his top donors were unnecessary because his donors were unaware of what they had donated.  According to Liu, media coverage of these problems could hinder his chances. Liu is taking a strong stand against reporters who mentioned this conflict to him.

Liu promised that he will represent the “100 percent”, not just the “1 percent.” If elected, Liu will have to deal with the billions of dollars that will be needed for pension funding. The pension funding is meant to help programs in New York. Liu promised that his plans will be suitable for both the taxpayers and city workers.  He wants to cut down on the hundreds of millions of dollars that the government uses on fees. Even though the media is concerned with the federal cases, not many people care about the cases against his donors because the cases are not directly against Liu himself. Liu should not have to worry about these federal cases. William Bell who represent as a local political figure stated how the media will always tried to blame someone. Bell also stated how there will always be someone in the leader’s group that did something wrong. With Liu’s entrance to the race, the 2013 mayor race could be both the least and most radically obsessed in modern city history. A topic that people wanted Liu to state in his position was his opinion about the soda ban.


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