By Brian Vo

Sean Ward was arrested by the police on March 31st for attempted murder. Two people were left wounded outside a village bar near Sleepy Hollow. Police reported that he had a gun in which multiple shots were fired. Sean Ward and the two wounded men were sent to the hospital after this incident.

The police heard about the gunshots at 3:37 am. Multiple people reported this incident to the police around this time. People told the police they saw the shootings in front of the Match Bar near Beekman and Barnhardt avenues. The police found Sean Ward who caused the shootings near Sleepy Hollow. Sean Ward is currently under custody without bail. The police expect that Sean Ward will have to attend a court hearing the following day; however, it seems like Sean Ward is too injured to appear in court. Police stated that his injuries were not part of the gunshots. No one know why Sean Ward was injured after the shooting. Ten men and Justice Andres Valdespino came to the Village Court the following day to find out that Sean Ward will not be there. In conclusion, the ten men and Justice Andres Valdespino left since the suspect didn’t show up.

The police couldn’t find any possible motivation to Sean’s incident. People who witnessed the scene didn’t see any conflict among Sean and the other two men before the shootings. The police found a weapon during the scene. The police found out there were numerous shots discharged. The police charged Sean Ward with two counts of assault, one count of weapon possessions and attempted murder. Sleep Hollow Police Chief Gregory Camp confirmed these charges against Sean Ward.

The first wounded man is said to be twenty-two years old and the second wounded man is said to twenty-seven years old. One of them was in a critical condition and the other one was in a stable condition. Both of these wounded men were sent to the hospital. The hospital that these two men are being sent to is Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. These shootings scared many residents nearby because there’s been a recent shooting around this area in 2008. After this incident, people went back to their daily routines and hope that another shooting won’t occur in the near future. The suspect will not live or be in this area anymore. It is expected that he will have a court hearing when he is done healing.


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