By Brad Zabar

It had been twenty years since Michigan had made the Final Four, but they are heading back! After the huge win against the University of Florida Trey Burke climbed the ladder and cut down the nets, which every team that makes it this far in the tournament does. This is a new beginning for a team who had not been relavent since the 1990’s. All the Michigan players stayed on the court so they could touch the net and the players were still in shock.

Many players contributed to the win, but no one had a bigger game than freshman shooting guard Nick Stauskas who scored 21 points and went 6 for 6 from behind the arc.  He said he felt great in warm ups and knew he would have a good game.  “It’s been a long time since this program has been here,”(nytimes.com). Trey Burke the leader of the team said.  He contributed a alot to the game scoring 15 points and had 7 assits and 8 rebounds.  The Wolverines have 3 freshman that start so they are an inexperienced team but are very talented.  They also beat the top seeded team Kansas in their region.  They advanced to their first Final Four since the team know as the “Fab Five” who started five freshman did in the 1993-94 season.  They are trying to win their first national title since 1989.  “A lot of people said we were too young, we weren’t tough enough,” Burke said. “I think that’s why we played with a chip on our shoulder over the last couple weeks. We fought through adversity, and we’re here now. We still have unfinished business.”(nytimes.com).  This just shows how much confidence Michigan has gained with their success.  Michigan shot over 50% for they game and all season they have been one of the best shooting and scoring teams in the country.  They have been playing great teams all season so they are prepared to play on a big stage in Atlanta.

They will play the 4th seed Syracuse who upset Indiana in the tournament already, and also beat Big East rival Marquette to win the East region. Syracuse plays a tough defense but the Wolverines are confident they can over come the challenge.  Since no one thought either team would make it this far people are really interested to see what will happen and for them to prove their actually good enough to be in the Final Four.


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