By Roman Grudinin

North Korea is becoming a bigger threat to the United States daily. They are making their threats towards the United States saying that they will attack United States bases which are located in Guam and other places in Asia. An attack on a U.S. base can mean that the U.S. will have trouble defending itself from that part of the world. The U.S. is taking measures and is putting an anti missile system in Guam which will deflect any incoming missiles.

An attack on the United States or any territories allied with the U.S. will lead to a counter attack on North Korea. Although the North Korean military is one of the largest if not the largest in the world, they have outdated technology. The technology that they have is from over 30 years ago. They say that they have nuclear weapons which are a serious threat to the safety of the world.

I believe that the United States should stop them from expanding their weapons arsenal before it is too late. They are a hypnotized country which follows every command of their leader and does not know what it is like to fight the United States. People who have been there say that the conditions in the country show that they cannot even feed their own people let alone fight a war.

Many people ask why they are doing this. I believe that they are making these threats in order to seem like they are powerful and for them to be recognized like a real superpower. The problem is that a war is not going to get them the recognition that they want. The only way to get recognition is to rise up to world standards which include opening borders for trading and tourism.

North Korea will never open its borders because of the internal conditions. If the people see what it is like to live in a society where people can own cars, large houses and have freedom of speech, they will flee the country. That is exactly what leader Kim Jung Un is afraid of.

I believe that a society that functions based on a lie is wrong. The people inside the country are working for years and they strongly believe that they are right and that the rest of the world is wrong. This mentality is dangerous because all the citizens are completely loyal to their country and have no problem fighting for it. This can be a problem because the people have nothing to lose.

Although they have not yet attacked, the North Koreans remain a big threat to this day.


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