By Roman Grudinin

Kanye West is getting sued for using a part of an old song in one of his albums without a licence. The song that he stole a part of is called “Bumpin Bus Stop” by David Pryor. The part that he used is an echo of David Pryor saying “get down” three times. Pryor’s two kids are suing Kanye for using part of their father’s song in a song that has been out for over eight years.

Even though Kanye’s song is over eight years old, the family of David Pryor is continuing to sue in attempt to stop the sales of Kanye’s album and recieve a financial compensation. They have requested that the song not be sold even though the song has been in the market for over eight. The fact that they started to sue this late after the release makes people think that the Pryor family is suing because they are poor.

The part that was used is so small and faint that it is hard to understand if it really came from Pryor’s song. The part of the song that Kanye used was overlaid by another part making it hard to hear. This fact may makes it difficult for any court to decide whether he is guilty or not. Kanye West has already been accused of using other people’s work without a license. This may make the judge wonder if this is happening again.

The reason producers like to use parts of songs that were non popular is because they do not want to pay for a license which can be expensive. They hope that no one will notice or will care to bring it up. The exact opposite happened in this case. The family of the dead artist noticed and did bring it up. Kanye West’s producers are hoping that they will not get fined. The only way that the producers will be off the hook is if the judge decides that the part of the song is not significant and may not have be copied.

It is hard to tell if the producers copied the part or if they made an auto tuned voice that coincidentally sounded like the old song. Only time will tell. The only thing Kanye can do is hire a lawyer and hope for the best. His fans are mad at the family of the artist for suing. They strongly believe that it is not important enough and that they are suing just to sue. Experts believe that the amount of actual copied lyrics will not be nearly enough to get any money. They also say that there are only two words that are the same, and that they are not even in the same context as the song “Bumpin Bus Stop”. This may be a long trial but the only thing fans can do is hope for the best.


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