By: Shailen

This year the Clarkstown North’s English Department organized the 10th Annual Writing Conference. On Friday April 5th, students from Clarkstown North, Clarkstown South, Nyack, Pearl River, and Cornwall High School gathered in the Clarkstown North library to participate in this conference. This turned out to be a great success for Clarkstown North’s English Department when 95 students from all five schools attended. This writing conference included workshops held by published writers. The conference also included a poetry reading section where anyone student who wanted to could get up in front of peers and present their poetic work. Over 20 students had the honor to present their work in front of the large audience.

The Annual Writing Conference was hosted by Clarkstown North graduates who currently purse careers in writing. One of the hosts was Adam Rubin. He led the workshop which recognized the importance of brevity and imagery. As for a career he writes children’s books. The second host was Shari Mauer who is currently a young author. Shari’s workshop was geared towards creating realistic and appealing story characters. The last host was Remy Maisel. She currently purses a career in which she writes blogs for the Huffington Post. Similar to her career, Remy’s workshop was directed towards effective ways of blogging.

To attend the conference students had to apply, but luckily there was a one hundred perfect acceptance rate. Along with the three workshops led by the writers, there were also five workshops led by Clarkstown North students. Each of the student leaders had to apply to become a workshop leader.

During Rubin’s workshop he discussed using simple ideas in creating points where the writer can easily transition to a different topic. He also showed the students how to come up with quick sentence pieces. Shari taught the students that if they create a character to resemble a real life character can help the reader get a better idea of what the character looks like. Shari also told the students to focus on using very descriptive words to help the reader create an image of a character.

Karen Czajkowski, the chair of Clarkstown North’s English Department, had this to say about the students, ” Over the years, I’ve been amazed by how confident they are with their own writing”; “Even the ones who maybe aren’t as confident, either in their work or in speaking in front of others, they can get up there and read because they know it’s a safe environment. They’re surrounded by their peers.” As we can see the students had performed tremendously at the Writing Conference.


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