By Bryan Ljuljdjuraj

Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret is accused of taking at least one more bribe befoe the federal government cracked down on him for the first time he was accused of bribery. A federal complaint says and quotes a “prior corrupt agreement” alleged to have been accepted by Desmaret for a total of $1,000. Federal authorities say the money taken by Desmaret was unrelated to the larger scandal surrounding a Spring Valley land deal used to sway political influence and choice in exchange for getting state Sen. Malcolm Smith on the ballot for New York City mayor, which would put things into Desmarets’ favor.

According to the complaint, the $1,000 dollar payment to Desmaret came from Moses “Mark” Stern who was working undercover for the Rockland DA just before the F.B.I began investigating the larger corruption case. Desmaret is also accused of taking a sum  $10,500 dollars in cash bribes from Stern to get his support to negotiate and select a specific builder for the catering hall project in Spring Valley. The Ramapo town attorney tells News 12 that the town board will meet in session this Wednesday night to discuss Desmaret’s position with the town, and the fate of his career. Desmaret was put on administrative leave from his job in the assessor’s office. Things don’t look good for Desmaret and things will continue to be unraveled.

Both people involved in the act can be charged with the crime of bribery. The person receiving the bribe tends to be the one who gets in more trouble but both can be equally charged. Desmaret will be charged to the full extent, for a government official accepting bribes is a serious crime and no mater who you are be it the President of the United States you must be severely punished. Desmaret has recently refused to step down as an government official while hes been under current investigation. Village trustees are currently outraged because now they have to hire not one but two law firms at 200$ an hour as well as handle many documents, and paper work that have been subpoenaed by the F.B.I. The trustees have to raise the taxes in the local community to pay for he legal fees and the citizens of spring valley are in a roar of outrage.The law firms will also deal with legal representation for any village employees who may be called to give testimony in the corruption case. In conclusion justice will hopefully prevail but should the people hav to suffer because of their leaders failure to abide by the law? I don’t think so but what goes around comes around.

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