By Dennis Humenn

TIME Magazine released their list of the most influential people of 2013 this week. The list was broken down into five categories: Titans, Pioneers, Leaders, Icons and Artists. Titans are those that seem to be unstoppable in their industry, pioneers are those who made a break through this year, Leaders are just that, exceptional leaders, Icons are people that thrived in the public eye and artists including anyone from painters to architects to actors.

TIME Magazine chose seven of these people for “close-ups” which means they covered the issue for the most influential people and were deemed “Most Influential” of all the influential. The seven include: Jay-Z, Rand Paul, Jennifer Lawrence, Aamir Kahn, Malala Yousafzai, Elon Musk, and Li Na.

Jay-Z is a rapper and entrepreneur, listed under the “Titans” category for his passion and influence in most industries. His piece was written by New York City Governor Michael Bloomberg talks of how even though he’s risen to great fame and fortune he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Jay-Z is co-owner of the NBA Nets and was one of the driving forces of bringing it back to Brooklyn, his home town.

Elon Musk is also under the “titans” category for this year’s list. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. SpaceX is a program he created in 2002 which was to explore space programs and develop information on the matter. The company has now grown in size and technology to be able to send cargo to the International Space Station and is planning on sending people in the future. The program has revitalized people’s excitement for space exploration.

Rand Paul is on the list this year, and the only close-up under the “leaders” category. He is backed by the new Tea Party and is a national Senator for the U.S. Congress. He created waves recently by filibustering the Senate. He may be “standing for liberty” but others may believe he is standing to hold up any progress in Congress.

Li Na is one of the Time’s seven close-up and one of two of those in the ‘Icons” category. She is a Tennis champion and an icon for standing up to Chinese sports officials when they tried to take control of her career and she wanted to be more independent. He is ranked 5th in the world and won the 2011 French Open, the first Asian-born player to win a single’s grand slam tournament. She may have single-handedly made the sport explode in China.

The second “Icon” on the list is 15 year old Malala Yousafzai. One day on the way way to school a Taliban gunman boarded her bus and shot her and two other girls. This was a fear tactic used by the Taliban to show they would stop anyone who stood for education and freedom. She survived and began a blog for the BBC to expose people what she went through and how nothing can stop her from her dreams. She is now back in school and is writing a memoir, and even though she completed her book, her story is only just beginning.

The lone “Pioneer” of the close-ups is Aamir Khan. Khan is is the producer and star of the Bollywood film “Lagaan”. The film takes upon topics such as poverty and the importance/lack of education. The film was nominated for an academy award. His work to expose issues did not start or stop with his movie yet he has a journalism show to uncover the hidden social problems of India.

The only person representing the “Artist” category on the list of close-ups is Jennifer Lawrence. Most know her for her role as Katniss in “The Hunger Games” or there Academy Award winning “Silver Linings Playbook  in which she took home “Best Leading Actress”.  She was also nominated for the same category two years prior for “Winter’s Bone”. Most people see her as a force to be reckoned with, one that gives you chills and you’re on for the long ride with.

Other notables from this year’s list include: Valerie Jarrett, Steven Spielberg, Michael Kors, Frank Ocean, Jimmy Kimmel, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Mindy Kaling, and Daniel Day-Lewis.


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