By Michael Auten

With his age beginning to possibly fight against him, Derek Jeter has been set back again with a small fracture in his ankle causing him to remain on the disabled list at least until the all-star break. Jeter is known to be a tough player, as he just came off of another ankle injury he gets another one to take its place. Yankee fans are disheartened with such news and speculation has risen as to whether or not someone of his age would be able to return with his full ability.

The General Manager for the Yankees, Brian Cashman, said, “They did a new CT scan which revealed a small crack in the area of the previous injury, so we have to back off and let that heal. This is obviously a setback. In terms of speculating on when we might see Derek back with us, we’d be looking at some time after the All-Star break.”

The Yankees were playing it safe with Jeter  as they waited for him to reach 100% recovery. GM Brian Cashman said, “He was cleared to play. This is the third CT scan he’s had. His prior two CT scans showed the healing at one hundred percent. He wasn’t cleared for the baseball activities and cleared to play until he had 100 percent healing, so this is a new fracture, but a small one.”

The Yankees are already feeling the pain with four of their star players out with injuries, those four being Derek Jeter with his fractured ankle, Alex Rodriguez with a hip injury, Mark Teixeira with a wrist injury, and Curtis Granderson with an arm injury. Jeter’s position is currently being filled by Eduardo Nunez. Nunez, who is content with playing the whole season, hopes for Jeter to return as soon as possible.

Jeter was originally injured his ankle in the playoffs last October. He spent the rest of his time in recovery and began to seem ready to return in February. Then comes late March where Jeter began to feel pain and have problems in that same left ankle. Jeter at age 38 is going to face more challenges with injury down the road.

The Yankees are worried considering Cashman said “He’s obviously the toughest one we’ve ever had, and when Derek Jeter continues to have issues that don’t go away, that means more than just your typical something.”  The all-star break Baseball fans will be watching to see if Jeter will be able to get back in the saddle with full ability.


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