By Roman Grudinin

Officials have announced their plans for the development of the land located near exit 10. The land will be used as a staging ground for the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge. The question to be answered is what will happen to the land after the construction of the bridge is complete? Some officials are planning to make the land into a par area and some want there to be a modern office building.

Residents of South Nyack hope that the land will look nice and bring a warm feeling to their neighborhood. Some think that the land will always remain a construction site and that the budget will not allow for a park to be built. Everyone is asking the same question. What will it be? Officials said that they want to connect the bike path of the bridge to the park area that they will create. They want it to house stores and a building overlooking the river. The area should be a hub connecting the two sides of the town split by the bridge.

Residents of the town are hoping for the best. Their greatest fear is that their town will always look like a construction site. Many say that the officials are just saying things to say them. Some residents say that when new officials come in to power, none of these plans will ever come to be.

Another large question is if they will get exit 10 back. The residents and town officials say that getting the exit back will be a crucial point for economic development. They say that without an exit, people will not visit the town and the economy on the local scale will suffer. The town being on a river gives it an advantage. The land is prime for investment and economic redevelopment. The goal of the local government is to attract investors locally.

Investors and the exit are not the only concerns. Another important topic brought up is traffic. Will the construction cause the small town to gridlock? That question is to be answered but the residents of the town hope that it will not cause any major delays. They also hope that the town will stay clean and that the businesses will not get hurt during the construction. Construction may cause people to stay away from that area because of the heavy machinery and the dirt and dust. The fear is that this may scare away customers and drive business into the ground. The only thing left to do is hope for the best.


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