By:  Alex Goldberg


This past Saturday, April 20, game one of the NBA playoffs, between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics was an intense game.  The New York Knicks, however, came out on top with a final score of 85 to 78.

Carmelo Anthony, a forward for the New York Knicks, was on fire!  He makes shots that other players cannot make, no matter how difficult.  He finished with a game high of 36 points.  This is why he was brought to the New York Knicks, and he is doing just what he is expected to do; make tons of points.

Considering the seeding of the two teams, the game was quite close. The Boston Celtics are the seventh seed, while the New York Knicks are the second seed.  It was certainly closer than it should have been; there was only a seven point difference in the score.

Considering the recent events happening up in Boston, it would be great for the Celtics to beat the New York Knicks.  Right now the series is Knicks, one – Celtics, zero.  If the Boston Celtics were able to take the New York Knicks out of the tournament that would bring some joy and hope to Boston, which those people need right now!

Just like the New York Knicks have Carmelo Anthony, the Boston Celtics have Paul Pierce.  He played a key role in the game.  He kept the Boston Celtics alive, even with his position changed to play the post as a shooting guard, since they could not play Rajon Rondo.  “Paul Pierce was able to dominate Iman Shumpert due to his size, and was able to get to the line often.”  Furthermore, he “was arguably the sole reason Boston kept pace with New York early in this one.”  He had 21 points, as well as 7 assists.  So, even though a lot was asked of him, and it was not his greatest night, he was the Celtics’ best hope at even giving the New York Knicks a difficult time.

As previously mentioned, Carmelo Anthony was on fire during game one.  It was very difficult to stop him; he makes shots no other player makes.  His defender, Jeff Green, was having a very hard time trying to cover him.  However, when Jeff Green started to get hot it became a lot easier to stop Carmelo.  This is why his point ratio dropped throughout the game.  So long as Jeff GReen is able to shut down Carmelo Anthony in game two, this time from the start, the Boston Celtics will definitely have a chance at beating the New York Knicks.

No matter what happens, this series will be well fought. As long as the Boston Celtics tighten up their defense, in Carmelo Anthony in particular, they should be able to keep up with the New York Knicks. Game two starts tonight, April 23 at 8pm, and it will definitely be exciting.


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