By Alex Goldberg

Last week in Dhaka, Bangladesh an eight story building collapsed, killing more than three hundred people.  The owner of the building, Sohel Rana, tried to flee the country after the building collapsed.  He was later arrested by Bangladeshi authorities at the border.

He is expected to make a court appearance within 24 hours after being charged.  “Officials said Rana would be exposed to trial on several charges and under diffident laws including the Building Construction Act.”  He is responsible for the death of at least 377 people.  “The factory owners reportedly forced several thousand workers join the production lines even after cracks were reported and warnings were issued about their exposure to fatal collapse.”  Nine people were reported as alive from the inside of the collapsed building.  Not only is he responsible for their death, but parts of the building were also built illegally.  Since the parts of the building were built illegally, it can be assumed, and obviously must be checked, that the structure was poorly built.  This building played a key role in the economy of Bangladesh; containing shops, banks, garment factories, etc.

Sohel Rana is not the only one responsible for the collapse of the eight story building.  Authorities also arrested at least seven other people.  “The arrest came three days after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered arrest of Rana and the owners of the garments factories housed in the structure.”  Others responsible included a couple of engineers, garment factory owners, as well as Sohel Rana’s wife and cousin.

This event has created quite a stir among the citizens of Bangladesh.  The illegally built Rana Plaza killed over three-hundred people, and left over one-hundred injured.  This incident has angered many of the citizens, and now they are protesting.  The riots have created injuries, as well as property damage.  Many cars have been destroyed because of such outage.  Furthermore, at this point approximately one-hundred other citizens have gone missing, and are being searched for.  They are demanding the owner of the building, Sohel Rana, be put to death.  In Bangladesh, the death penalty is worse than here in the United States.

This building held the world’s third largest garment industry.  The United States,itself, used it creating a twenty-billion dollar annual cost for supplying global retailers.

This event was very traumatizing for Bangladesh.  The owner of the building, as well as the others responsible, must be punished.  This not only affects the country, but others as well.  The citizens killed and affected by this tragic incident want and need help and justice.


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