By Brad Zabar

Laws are being put in place in Janurary allowing people to fill out forms so their records would not be released.  So far only about one third of the people have filled out the forms.  This all started in late December when The Journal News published information of the people who owned guns including names and addresses. People who own pistols have 2 weeks to request thier records to be private before they are released to the public. This is just one of the changes to the New York gun laws. The agreement came after The Journal News released information of people who owned pistols. This information included peoples names and their addresses. The requests are overlooked by clerks to make sure they are valid.  Only some people can be exempt. They include law officers that are still working or retired, whitnesses for crimes that are going on, people with an order of protection, or people that are currenty on a jury or have been in the past. People can recieve private exemption if they do not want people to find out. If they are approved then their licenses can not be publically disclosed.  It is a felony if you try to get exempt and you do not qualify.

Sant, an offical said he will not release any of the reocrds after May 15th.  He said he believes state law still gives him the discretion to deny any requests that would “put the citizens in harm’s way or open citizens up to an unwarranted invasion of privacy.”  After every five years pistol permits must be renewed unless you live in New York City.  Before most places had a life time system.  Sales of weapons have been banned in New York and the people who owned them before Janurary 15th can keep theirs.  Some guns that are over 50 years old must be sold out of state or to a gun dealer.  The deadline is going to be April 2014. People who do not get the permit could face a mistermeanor.  Their is a 30 day window that allows you to still get it without any repercussions.  People who own these weapons can get them modifyed. Everyone who wants to buy a gun now needs a background check. For a private sale a person must visit a certified gun store. The magizines have been moved to ten rounds because they do not make seven anymore.


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