By Shailen Sharma


Disney and Marvel Studio have never failed to amaze the public and bring in mass amounts of revenue when it came to the production of their superhero movies. After the release of Iron Man 2, the two companies brought in over $100 million just from overseas revenue. On top of Iron Man 2, Disney and Marvel Studio had created a follow up fill, Captain America: The First Avenger, which earned the two companies $192 million in the summer of 2011. The following year the companies released another movie called The Avengers. With the foreign release of this movie alone, it brought in more than $185 million in revenue. This seemed to be their biggest creation yet. However, the companies always manage to out do themselves over and over again. With the overseas release of the film Iron Man 3, the film brought in a whopping revenue of $240 million! These are astonishing numbers compared to their own and competitor movie releases.


Many claim this is the best Iron Man movie yet. The first Iron Man was packed with many action scenes. Iron Man 2 was more focused on the story line. However, Iron Man 3 was said to be action packed, filled with a ton of explosions, and weapons. Although all Marvel movies are always a great success this is said to be by far the best movie Marvel created. Marvel took a comic book approach for this movie which revived many childhood memories for Iron Man fans. With this approach, maybe it shows nothing beats the original.

However, many critics argued that this is no different than a typical hero-villain movie where the hero, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, comes to save the day. Wouldn’t most people get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again? Well I guess the director, Shane Black, deserves a lot of credit considering he knows how to make the same kind of movie so great that it attracts more people after every new release. Regardless of whether the movies is repetitious it seems like people always love to see an action filled super hero movie.


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