By Roman Grudinin

While most of the world watched as the terrorist hunt in Boston was occurring, some of the world was dealing with its own issues. The civil war in Syria took to a new level. This level can be a threat to the United States in an indirect way. The problems that the Obama administration is facing are greater than before.

Barack Obama is facing a new issue. The issue of interfering with Syria or not has been on everyone’s list in the past few weeks. Some say that leaving this alone can be better for the country because the US’s interference can make things worse. Experts say that nations like North Korea and Iran can look at America’s stance and take note on their policy of standing aside. Others say that if the United States does interfere, it will help the country and prevent further problems in that area of the world.

The task set in front of the President of the United States is greater than it seems. The president wants the best for his country. In this case, the best is where no one gets hurt. American lives are the number one priority. They need to be safe. The Obama administration is currently discussing possible ways around this problem.

The United States cannot only discuss this issue within its own government. It needs to consult other countries and hear their opinion and position on this issue. If a country is against the view of the United States government, can this affect the relations between that country and the United States? The answer is yes. Some countries may have a reason to be on a certain side. If they have a friend such as the United States go onto another side in an argument, chances are that the U.S. and that country will no longer be in good terms.

The government is not only faced with a task to keep the citizens of the U.S. safe, but also to keep the world in a state of peace. The rebels in Syria are trying to take down their leader. This is probably going to happen but it’s a matter of when. If the United States jumps in and tries to help, they will succeed but Americans may die. That is one of the reasons that the United States is keeping out to this time. If they feel like it becomes a greater threat, they will send troops in and help.


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