By Samantha Arietta

The San Francisco Forty Niners’ wide receiver, Michael Crabtree teared his Achilles tendon, and just got surgery to repair it on Wednesday. Coach Jim Harbaugh reported, “Michael Crabtree underwent surgery to repair his Achilles tendon that he tore yesterday,” He then added, “Surgery was successful and we do not anticipate it will be season-ending for Michael.” However, he did not speculate when Crabtree would return to play.

Twenty-Fiver year old Michael Crabtree is very eager to return this season better than ever. He tweeted: “I go hard for my friends, family and fans, just felt like I let everybody down, but I’ll be back ready!! I promise!”

“Crabtree was one of the big reasons the franchise returned to the Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years, clicking with quarterback Colin Kaepernick after his promotion to starter in November over departed 2005 No. 1 overall draft pick Alex Smith”, ESPN reported.

A torn ACL is often considered a season-ending injury, but many players have been known to return after suffering the injury. Coach Harbaugh reported that Crabtree had planted to begin a route and “felt like somebody kicked him in the Achilles, which sometimes people say that feels like.” Crabtree decided to have the surgery as soon as possible because it was his best option in order to return this year. Running back Kendall Hunter on the Forty Niners last season had the same injury, but the decision was made to wait some time before surgery.

As soon as Crabtree woke up from the operation, the doctor reported good news. His doctor does not anticipate a long recovery for Crabtree as the surgery was a success. The wide receiver said, “Got no choice but to be back…every day now is a healing day, and that starts today.”

However, the injury may ultimately be a setback for the NFC West champion. Coach Jim Jarbaugh is hoping for the best for Crabtree. “Michael’s young, he’s strong. Everything will be a positive approach to healing and we’ll anticipate great things,” Harbaugh said. The Coach would not speculate if the 49ers would look for a replacement with Crabtree out, or even if the team would think about bringing back Randy Moss. Harbaugh refused to comment on either subject.

This is not Michael Crabtree’s first serious injury. He has recovered the past two seasons from various injuries.
After a 71-day contract stalemate as a rookie, Michael Crabtree was benched during the 2010 preseason with a neck injury. Just one year later, he was out with a broken foot.


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