By: Alex Goldberg

About a week ago, the twelfth season to the television program, ‘American Idol,’ came to an end. The winner on the program was, 23-year-old, Candice Glover. She is expected to have her debut album released this summer, on July sixteenth.

She, as well as many other contestants, have been competing on the program for the past four months.  Although many, meaning thousands of people, do not make it past their first auditions, there are a select few who make it to the final rounds.  Candice was fortunate enough, and skilled enough, to make it to the finals and bring home her victory.

The title of the album being released in July is “Music Speaks.”  Former ‘American Idols’ have released their debut albums in the fall.  However, Candice, with all of the fame she has received from being on the program, is confident enough to release it this summer.  She even said “I’ve built a fan base being on this show, and my fan base is interested in me now and they won’t see me every Wednesday and Thursday anymore to admire my singing, so I think it’s a good thing it’s coming out this summer.”  Maybe this ideology of hers is right; maybe since people love her now, why make her fans wait?  Other American Idol winners waited a long time, long enough where sometimes they were forgotten.  After being forgotten, and they released their new album, people would remember them.  Unfortunately, fans were waiting too long for the album and got tired of the artist.  So, maybe she is doing the right thing.  Or, maybe she is jumping the gun.  Maybe it is better to wait, to build up the suspense of what will be on her first album.  “Candice’s debut single, the inspirational pop ballad “I Am Beautiful,” sold 48,000 tracks in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.”  Can you even imagine?  That is incredible!  She said when she was on stage for the season, taking risks by singing particular songs helped her to find her true voice.  Unfortunately, this was her first take of American Idol.  She was interviewed and said “(From) day one I was still in the mind-set of pleasing people. In season 11, I was all about pleasing people. … This year I took more chances because I didn’t care anymore, I didn’t always have that confidence. I was insecure about how I looked and people would tell me all the time, ‘You don’t look the part.’ And this year I kind of stopped caring about that and just did me.”  Good for her that she gained her proper confidence to win it all.  No matter how many times you don’t succeed it’s important to keep trying.


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