By: Samantha Olang

On the date of May 29th, 2013 a threat to Nyack High School, located on Christrian Herald Road was made. In shock this threat was not from a student but the school’s very own security guard. Nyack High School serves students in grades nine through twelve, with about 875 students.

Kenneth A. Carter, 51 years old, of Central Nyack was arrested at noon on May 22, Clarkstown police Sergeant Glenn Cummings announced. Carter was charged with making a terrorist threat, this adding up to a felony on Carter’s part. Cumming’s also announced Carter was facing disciplinary action from school officials after making the comment to a co-worker earlier that morning. A co-worker had told Cumming’s, “In a bit of anger, he expressed to a co-worker that he was going to go home, get his guns and blow the place up”.

In no hesitation the co-worker told the school and police officials had shown up taking Carter into custody. The security guard was unarmed at the time of the arrest. Superintendent James Montesano offered few details about the incident on Tuesday. Announcing, “As you’re well aware, it’s a personnel matter,” he said. “But there was never any issue with regard to student safety.” Believed that the students had felt no threat was being provoked. Although, many parents and co-workers were worried by these threats, Montesano was unable to say whether Carter had been terminated or placed on leave. “What I can share is that this is a matter of personnel and we are limited in regards to facts,” Montesano said. “I’m deeply disappointed in the newspaper headline. In our review, which was done with the Clarkstown Police, there was never a time we believe our students were in harm’s way. Their safety as a result of the allegations was not compromised. The issue was dealt with swiftly and appropriately.” Also announcing, “Some parents are concerned that we were not more proactive in providing information from the school.” Making it aware, that they have a safe and secured staff as well as a caring Principle.

With no answers being announced from Carter’s attorney. Carter was arraigned in Clarkstown Town Court and later released after posting $1,000 bail. He is to return to court June 17th.


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