By Shailen Sharma


Lam Chun-fai Sifu is a master of the kung fu style know as Hung Kuen. This style of martial arts is over 300 years old. Lam Chun-fai Sifu is a direct descendant of the kung fu legend Wong Fei Hung whom created the style. Lam Chun-fai Sifu was the first master master of the art to publish an English manual of the Hung Kuen which teaches readers how to perform this art. This style of kung fu focuses mainly on a strong foundation stance along with footwork. He said the purpose of creating the manual was to keep the style alive. He says their are more foreign practitioners than ones from the homeland. He believes that through the creation of his manual it will help the fighting art grow overseas as it struggles in the region it was born in. Without this manual Lam Chun-fai Sifu believes Hung Kuen will go extinct.

Homegrown martial arts is very popular among the Asian culture. All the styles of this kind of martial arts derive from the ancient fighting style know as Kung Fu, which originated in China around 2700 BC. Lam Chun-fai Sifu is a master of this martial arts which originated in his family 300 years ago. This practice is performed by many families who are masters of the art of Kung Fu in Asia. They just create their own style which is passed down orally through generation.

From seeing Lam Chun-fai Sifu’s reasoning behind as to why he wants to grow his martial arts through book may seem reasonable, however many practitioners look down on Lam Chun-fai and are disappointed in him. They are strong believers in keeping the traditional teachings which is word of mouth and feel Lam Chun-fai is violating the sacred teachings by not obeying this practice. Masters of different styles of Kung Fu have done this before, but it is not the normal way of teaching. Even though Lam Chun-fai is not following the traditional way of oral teaching, he seems to have good intentions as to why he is breaking the scared code.


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